Post 19 – How It Has Become Our Lifeline…

Our son James is 21 now.

He graduated from “School” in 2015 at 18 and we had to work out the next chapter in his life.

That transition is very difficult for a lot of special needs young adults and their families; support services are scarce, often inappropriate and scattered geographically in our part of the world.

But we got very lucky having stumbled across Post 19 in Farnham.

Rob Power, who is the man behind the project, started Post 19 two years earlier to make a difference for young adults with learning difficulties and autism. What makes Post 19 so special is the staff and the approach they take which is based on the individual and wrapped up with thought, care, and engagement with the families. We had our challenges for the 1st year, but at every corner Rob and the team worked with us to navigate through – they never gave up on James.

So for now, James is thriving; surrounded by people who understand him and care for him, whether at home or in the community.

Thank you Post 19.

Stephen and Kate Morgan

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