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Being involved with HAC for so many years has been hugely rewarding – we have challenged ourselves many times to raise money for this worthy charity. The benefits have been tremendous for so many children with disabilities and the organisations who support their families. We are so grateful to everyone who has been involved and hope that we can grow from strength to strength in the future.

Paul Findley

- Chairman & Trustee
Paul Findlay
My association with the Help Autistic Children charity goes back many years, although I became the Treasurer Trustee only in 2013. Those associated with the charity have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of children and young adults with autism, plus of course their parents and others dedicated to caring for them. The support of those that have attended the annual Golf Day, the Bentley Ball and other fundraising events, many of them year after year, is legendary and a testament to the fantastic work undertaken by the charity.

Roger Goscomb

- Treaurer & Trustee
Setting up the Help Autistic Children charity stemmed from my own struggle and frustrations with everyday life of coping with an autistic child. It has been a fantastic journey seeing the charity grow and the benefits for the children and families around us. It is our intention to continue with strength and make sure that all autistic children are given a chance to enhance their lives.

Jane Powis

- Committee Member
Having known Jane for many years and seeing Jemima grow up it felt right to say "yes" when she asked me to come on board with her charity, Help Autistic Children. Together we have organised a variety of extremely successful events to raise money for some fantastic causes. Although often hard to get support it was exhilarating when we raised those funds and achieved our goals.

Alex Nicholas

- Committee Member