December 2018 - Bubble Ball
The Bubble Ball Bury Court, Bentley, December 2018
Friday, 7th December
Our Goal This Year... raise funds for Post19

The Bubble Ball 2018 is to be held at Bury Court Barn,
Bentley on Friday 7th December 2018

Whether it was the Moon, Crystal or Masquerade Ball that you attended in support of HAC, we hope you have great memories of a spectacular event.

If you haven't joined us at one of our events yet you are in for a treat - we will be holding The Bubble this December once again at the stunning Bury Court in Bentley!

Our team work tirelessly to ensure that the evening looks absolutely stunning, is full of fun, runs smoothly and is a success both socially and in a fund raising capacity - the combination is extremely important to us.

We truly appreciate the support of all our raffle prizes providers, behind the scene volunteers, auctioneers, fabulous bands and amazing caterers...

...not to mention our stunning guests!

Our goal is to present a fabulous evening, that creates the perfect atmosphere enabling you to socialise with friends, entertain clients and network whilst raising funds for this worthy cause.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Bubble Ball