Help Autistic Children is a Farnham based charity

We support fantastic organisations who are helping families trying to cope with children with autism in their everyday life.  

We have a team of exceptional people dedicated to organising fabulous events from golf days to spectacular charity balls full of glitz and glamour!

We are proud to say that the funds raised from our events have supported families for over fifteen years, providing them with specialist equipment, treatments, therapies, grants and much needed respite care. 

Help Autistic Children Has Supported...

Help Autistic Children supports many organisations, including Challengers and Post 19, both located in Farnham, Surrey.  


...provides exciting challenges, and most importantly, inclusive play and leisure activities for disabled children and young people.  

Post 19...

...has a charity arm, Support 19, funding young adults between 18-30 and organisations which in turn will provide advice, information and training for families, carers and support workers and young adults with special needs going through transition from schooling and beyond. 


...based at Frensham Pond, offers people, who because of a long term illness or disability, require support to sail. 

​​​​Freemantles School... a Surrey County Council School for children and young people with complex social communication needs. Many of the pupils also have Autism.

Until Challengers started to provide help for Luke (and much needed respite for us) we honestly thought there was no hope”

One Of Our Founders, Jane Powis

has firsthand experience with autism.  She has twin girls, now aged 20, one of whom is severely autistic.

Jane has experienced the relentless early mornings with non-stop demands, the boundless energy required to try and cope with an autistic child and the strength needed to soldier on through the day and into the evening.

Her desperate search for some help when her daughter was diagnosed is what lead to her becoming involved with the creation of Help Autistic Children.

“Every day is tough, it's just that some are tougher than others.”

More For Our Young People

We need these children and young adults with learning difficulties to be heard and helped to live a fulfilling life.


We can only do this with your much need support - which is vital for change.

Take a look at our events page and see how you can get involved...

What Others Say


Through the work of HAC, James receives support and a variety of activities that we would struggle to provide otherwise. For the rest of the family it gives us a break from AUTISM. This is REAL HELP from a GREAT CHARITY and very much appreciated. Thank you HAC

Steve & Kate - parents


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to ‘Help Autistic Children’ for providing funding for therapy for our two autistic children which we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. You really are doing a fantastic job in helping families who often have nowhere else to turn

Karen & Surinda - parents


As our autistic children grow up often the problems of autism grow with them – HAC has put me in touch with other parents in the same situation and for that I am most grateful

Lucy - parent

Our Young People Need Your Help

"Giving is not just about making a donation, it's about making a difference"

If you are lucky enough to find a suitable school placement for your autistic child, term time becomes a time for a parent to breathe.  However, be warned, don’t take a breath for long because 19 will be just around the corner and I have heard this described as ‘it was as though we had fallen off the edge of a cliff’ - This refers to the lack of support and placements there are for our young adults once they leave school and reach the age of 19.

So many young adults are not getting the provision they are entitled to and with insufficient funding available to our young adults we need your help.  We want to help our young adults with special needs to reach their potential within the wider society and to increase their independence.  This we can do by raising funds to purchase equipment and this year we want to present Support 19 with a mini-bus so they can access the community and various activities.

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